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Big University District rehab now move-in ready, seeks $319K

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18655 Fairfield Redfin

We last saw this house in March when it listed for $158,900 and looked so old inside. Even though we appreciated some of its retro details, it looked completely dated. It’s since been bought, renovated, and it’s now ready for a new owner. The 3,600-square-foot home is now listing for $319,000.

When browsing the new pictures, one of the first things we noticed was the kitchen. White cabinets, dark counter tops, and an interesting color for the tiled backsplash. Compared to the previous kitchen though, you can see the massive transformation.

The hardwood floors have been restored throughout the house, and the "retro" tiling in the bathroom has been kept. The house has a lot of built-in storage, both in the downstairs library and den and in the master bedroom. The house has five bedrooms and a third floor open suite. And yes, it has new central air and heating.