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Noel Night is coming to Midtown

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Where to go, what to see, where to park

Noel Night on facebook

On the evening of Saturday, December 3 from 5-10 pm, thousands will descend on Midtown to stroll the streets, appreciate music and art, and generally share the holiday spirit. Noel Night is coming, and here are the details.

Where to park: Noel Night is spread out from Edmund to the south to Ferry Street to the north. Since so many people are coming in for the celebration, parking can be a challenge, especially around the museums. If you find street parking, make sure to fill the meter (tickets are $45). And if you do park on the street, it’s helpful to have the Park Detroit app, which will remind you if your meter’s running out. The Noel Night page has a list of recommended structures and lots and whether they take cash or credit.

Basically, have at least $10 cash if you want to park. Be prepared to walk. Want a ride? They’re partnering with Lyft!

When to get there: If you have a certain performance in mind, you’ll want to get parked and moving early. Festivities start at 5, and it seems like it’s busiest from 7-9 (from our own experience). Just try not to be in a hurry and you’ll enjoy yourself.

What to expect: The weather should be cold (but not too cold) and dry, so perfect weather for walking. You can also expect a lot of people, your favorite places lit up for the holidays, and unexpected surprises (unless you memorize the schedule and performances).

What to see: Basically, over 100 museums, organizations, businesses, and churches will be open for free to the public. The museums get very busy, but the DIA will have ice carving in front of it. Also to see, south of the ice sculptures, Apetechnology's Electric Snowman will be back - yes, robot snowmen (they’re fun). The green space at Warren and Woodward will be filled with a retail maker space and performances throughout the night.

There will also be carriage rides on Kirby near the DIA.

A full list of participating venues can be found here.

So bundle up, get ready to walk a lot, and enjoy!