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Boston Edison beauty, recently auctioned, now rehabbed and listing for $315K

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When we see listings of rehabbed houses for sale in Detroit, we’ll often search back and see if we’ve featured the house before. We got lucky this time with this house on Boston Boulevard. We saw it a couple years ago when a few houses in Boston Edison were up for auction. Our photographers snapped some before photos of the house, which went for $43,200. Update: We've been told that the bid for $43,200 fell through, then was re-auctioned, with a $45,100 bid. Appraised at $140K. Then went to someone who bid $28,000.

Here are a few pictures from before:

You can find more pictures here. Our commenters were hoping for some updates (while some thought the worst of what might happen here). This home is now rehabbed, finished, and ready for a new owner.

It’s 2,900 square feet, with a finished suite on the third floor, two screened porches, a deck, and a garage. The cabinets in the kitchen are custom, and they’ve replaced over 50 windows and installed a new 9-foot mahogany front door. It has five bedrooms, including a master suite with separate closets. It’s listed now for $315,000.

Check out the before and after of the kitchen, followed by a gallery of the whole renovation.