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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (8) Brush Park v. (9) Boston Edison

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Which neighborhood should advance to the second round?

Detroit's historic Brush Park neighborhood.
Detroit's historic Brush Park neighborhood.
Michelle and Chris Gerard

Brush Park

Talk about transformations - Brush Park is undergoing a massive one right now. The neighborhood just saw the groundbreaking of 400+ residential units in City Modern, which is going to add some very new designs to this historic neighborhood. The Scott at Brush Park just opened, adding a luxury apartment building to the mix. Lofts have been selling for quite a bit per square foot, and everyone’s anticipating the opening of the Little Caesars Arena across Woodward. The Grey Ghost also just opened in the neighborhood, bringing some super tasty dining along the M-1 rail. Oh, and a big Bed & Breakfast just sold. Busy times, y’all!

Boston Edison

We’ve seen many houses for sale in Boston Edison this year, including a lot that have been renovated on the west side of the Lodge. We’re even waiting to hear on a sale of Joe Louis’s former home, and we’re also waiting to see if anyone buys the famed Motown Mansion. We took you on a tour of the largest house in Boston Edison, the Charles T. Fisher Mansion. As far as historic neighborhoods go, Boston Edison is a favorite of many, and we’re happy to see more and more of these houses renovated and filling up with new families.