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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (5) The Villages vs. (12) Woodbridge

Which neighborhood should advance to the second round?

The Villages

We’re grouping West Village and Indian Village together since they’re a big happy family. This year saw a few big sales in Indian Village, a new Biergarten in West Village, a bank building that’s reactivated, a book about a big renovation in West Village, the closing of Parker Street Market, the reopening of West Village Manor, and the hope of more businesses and restaurants coming in soon. There are a few renovations along Kercheval, closer to Grand Boulevard, that are in progress and The Coe will be adding new living options right in the heart of West Village next year.


Woodbridge saw a few big sales and one massive renovation this year. We toured the J.D. Baer House, which had been vacant for 40 years and should be done fairly soon. A famous new neighbor moved in, and Pie-Sci Pizza was a big hit. And no, there’s not a Holiday Inn Express coming to the neighborhood (good try, though). We love Woodbridge for its charming Victorian homes active neighborhood groups (especially on Facebook). They look out for each other, making it like a small town in a big city. Here’s a Facebook testimonial:

“Obviously, Woodbridge is #1. It checks all the boxes, which can't be said for any other neighborhood, even though there are many other GREAT ones.

- It's near to Downtown/Midtown, rather than far out, like some other great neighborhoods, so you can get by car-free with some workarounds like Uber and Zipcar

- It's almost completely intact, with very few "missing teeth" or urban gardens or other non-built uses.

- Because it's so intact, there are quite a few houses here and they come up for sale from time to time, so people can get in.

- Architectural styles range from gingerbread Queen Annes through brick mansions

- It's historical!

- And most importantly, the people are great.

Source: Woodbridge resident/troll”