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The QLINE hits the road for the first time

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Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

After so many years and much anticipation, we can finally see what the QLINE will look like once it starts its route back and forth down Woodward in the spring. Our photographers, Michelle and Chris Gerard, were there to capture the moment as it made a stop outside the Maccabee’s building.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

This is the first of many tests the M-1 rail will be running from now until the spring. We even took a quick look inside.

Also, a word of warning. We’ve said this before, but we’ll say it over and over again: DO NOT PARK ON THE RAIL LINE! According to a news release by the M-1 rail:

“we ask that residents, business owners, employees, delivery drivers and visitors participate in keeping Woodward Avenue fully accessible.

This includes but is not limited to:

Double parking

Parking on the active roadway

Temporarily staging – attended or unattended (i.e. for carry-out, dropping something/someone off, bill payment, shopping, or any other activity that will prohibit complete vehicular movement)

Delivery Drivers:

Please exercise use of side streets.

Business Owners:

Please advise all staff and customers to utilize parking meters and garages.


Please remember that staging in any lane on an active street is illegal. Enforcement will be administered. The fee is a minimum of $650 for ticket and tow.”

Yes, you read that right. It’s a $650 fine. We warned you. As we said last week, it’s time we share the road.