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Here’s what the new bike lanes downtown could look like

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Protected bike lanes on Woodward. Rail, bikes, and cars!
Downtown Detroit Partnership

The Downtown Detroit Partnership debuted some proposed bike lanes on Monday, and yes, they would present a very different way of getting around downtown. Comments are still being collected in the effort, and according to the Free Press, work on this project could start next year.

The addition of the Detroit Bike Share is a factor in this, as it will add 420 bikes to the road. This program is still collecting comments on where the stations should be set up and what kind of membership options would be useful. Those interested should submit their ideas and comments here. The interactive map gives those interested a place for comments on particular areas in the city. From preliminary meetings and ideas, it looks like the majority would be placed Downtown, Midtown, and New Center, with some in SW Detroit, the Villages, and northern areas by Meijer.

Here are some of the street proposals downtown. Part of the new street planning could also include bike friendly traffic signals, so both cars and bikes would be able to turn safely.

Griswold before bike lanes
Griswold with protected bike lanes
A protected bike lane - with trees!

And here’s the map of proposed lanes downtown:

As always, tell us what you think. And if you’re a bike rider, make sure to let the DDP know what you think at