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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (2) Corktown vs. (15) East English Village

Which neighborhood should advance to the second round?

Michelle & Chris Gerard


Detroit’s Oldest Neighborhood saw a few changes this year. The Trumbull & Porter Hotel opened up, as did a few businesses at the newly renovated corner of Bagley & Trumbull. The CPA Building had a threat of demo, St. Cece’s closed, and Casey’s Bar changed hands, while Katoi opened as one of the hottest restaurants in Detroit. Oh, and work finally started on the old Tiger Stadium site, and plans were announced for the Elton Park development. Nothing really happened with Michigan Central Station, but the super-wide Michigan Avenue celebrated Open Streets. And some massive lofts sold. OK, I guess there were more than a few changes in Corktown this year.

East English Village

Whenever we talk about affordable single-family homes in Detroit, East English Village always comes up as a good option. We had quite a few write-in votes for EEV this year. This eastside neighborhood is full of charming single family homes and duplexes, and we’ve seen many renovated and move-in ready this year. It has a strong neighborhood association, and it’s close to a lot of retail and services (it would be nice to have more of that throughout Detroit, FYI). It might not be as trendy as other neighborhoods, but it doesn’t need to be. Many love to call East English Village home.