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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (4) Midtown vs. (5) The Villages

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Which neighborhood should advance to the Final Four?

Michelle & Chris Gerard

(4) Midtown

Midtown had a few big developments this year. The Forest Arms opened to residents after a long renovation process. The Hammer and Nail Building is now The Plaza, and will open sometime next year. Some new affordable apartments are now open, as is The Strathmore. Rock City Eatery and Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken added more tasty options to the neighborhood. Oh, and West Elm will be opening a hotel here in a couple years and The Selden will bring new condos next to Honest? John’s. And prices continued to rise as the M-1 rail nears completion and the neighboring Arena readies for its 2017 opening.

(5) The Villages

We’re grouping West Village and Indian Village together since they’re a big happy family. This year saw a few big sales in Indian Village, a new Biergarten in West Village, a bank building that’s reactivated, a book about a big renovation in West Village, the closing of Parker Street Market, the reopening of West Village Manor, and the hope of more businesses and restaurants coming in soon. There are a few renovations along Kercheval, closer to Grand Boulevard, that are in progress and The Coe will be adding new living options right in the heart of West Village next year.