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This Lafayette Park co-op has sky high views

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And HOA fees

From this 22nd floor co-op, you’ll have views of the Detroit River, Lafayette Park, and Ford Field (maybe you can watch the stadium give off a purple glow in the evenings). This is a big corner unit, at over 1,600 square feet with three bedrooms and a large living room. But there’s a big price tag on all of this. The HOA fees (which we’ll talk more about below) are a whopping $1,657/month and the listing price for the co-op is $312,495.

This unit was originally a four bedroom, but two were combined to form a large master bedroom. It has two and a half baths and a smaller kitchen with an open concept into the living space. The views and convenience are big sellers here, though. It’s close to downtown without being directly downtown. The lush Lafayette Park is right outside the door. The HOA fees cover taxes, heat, a/c, water, maintenance, and more.

1300 Lafayette

1300 Lafayette, Detroit, MI