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Corktown showstopper lists for $1.8M

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Porsche not included

Bullock-Green Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Remember last month when we told you about this crazy Corktown rental that was trying for $10,000 a month? It was part of a larger building, one that had recently been redone into a few rentals, with this massive 7,580-square-foot space as its centerpiece. Although, we hear, there was some interest in renting the space, the owner has decided to put the whole thing on the market. Can’t predict real estate! (or can you?) It can be yours for the price of $1,799,999.

Bullock-Green Michelle & Chris Gerard

The whole building is 8,364 square feet, which includes the three other smaller rental units (those were listed at $2,500-$2,800 a month). The building is the Bullock-Greene Hardware Company, near Katoi, Two James, and Michigan Central Station. That main unit, though, it’s quite the space, with a private freight elevator, a fireplace, a cool spiral staircase, and a commercial kitchen. The car in the pictures is not included, FYI. Word is that some parties have shown interest. Will it sell for that price?

Interested in this unique property? Contact Saverio Montalto at (248) 644-6700.