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Curbed Detroit’s most commented stories in 2016

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One house made it on the list twice

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Through the years, Curbed Detroit has been known for its active commenting community. And while that has seen a bit of a drop this year (things have changed, we know), we still had some pretty active discussions in 2016. From historic designation to the need for retail to the ugliest buildings to our hopes and dreams for our fair city, y’all had something to say, and we appreciate it. We’ve even opened up the comments again in case you want to contribute more. Here are the stories you wanted to talk about this year.

  1. Historic Districts Process Changed with Proposed Amendment
  2. What Retail Would You Like to See in Detroit?
  3. What’s the Ugliest Building in Detroit?
  4. Protecting The Illuminated Mural In The North End
  5. What would you like to see along the Riverfront?
  6. Curbed Is Relaunching, and We Want Your Feedback
  7. Restoring a Water-Damaged Home in Grandmont, Part 1
  8. Watch The Griswold apartments emerge in this time-lapse animation
  9. Restoration Update: J.D. Baer House Switches to Mixed-Use Retail/Residential
  10. What’s Your Favorite Building in Detroit?
  11. Albert Kahn House More Than Doubles Price After Renovation
  12. Open Thread: How did moving to Detroit work out for you?
  13. Mapping Detroit's Construction Boom
  14. Inside the renovation of the J.D. Baer House
  15. Update: The first M-1/QLINE streetcar arrives in Detroit
  16. Photos: A first look at The Scott at Brush Park

Is there anything you’d like to see more of or discuss in greater detail? Our comments are open and we always appreciate suggestions on the tip line.