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Curbed Cup Elite 8 Recap: East English Village is all in

The second week of Curbed Cup voting pitted historic neighborhoods against each other, trendier hipster neighborhoods vying to get to the next round, and one neighborhood that’s trying to win the whole thing.

First up, Boston Edison beat out Palmer Woods 55% to 44%, and provided us with a list of reasons that voters should vote for them. Then the Villages easily took down Midtown by a margin of 65% to 35%. Can anyone out there provide some testimonials for West Village or Indian Village (we’re talking to you, readers)?

The closest match-up this week was between the constantly under construction Downtown versus the University District, who has a strong neighborhood association. UD barely scraped out a win, beating Downtown by just 10 votes.

But it’s 15 seed East English Village that seems to want the fake trophy and the title this year. In the first week, they took down the mighty Corktown. This week, they beat Sherwood Forest, leading 69% to 31%.

Next week, we’ll see the Villages up against Boston Edison and East English Village against University District. Can the remaining neighborhoods organize over the holidays and get out the vote for their neighborhoods? Are we leading to a battle over villages? The Final Four voting starts on Tuesday.