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Sold! Updates from the Detroit real estate market

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The end of the year has seen quite a few closings of homes we’ve featured (some loved/some hated) in the past few months. Here’s how these homes fared on the market.

Is there a house you’re keeping an eye on? Did you buy one of these houses and plan on fixing them up? Keep in touch with us on the tip line!

This loft on Woodward was featured in a piece we did about house hunting with $500K. Our readers couldn’t believe the price, even though it’s located right alone the rail line and just a couple blocks from the new arena. It listed for $430,000 and after a few price cuts, just sold for $329,000.

We also loved this duplex on Trumbull, which listed for $335,000. The owner’s side was simply beautiful, with a kitchen we coveted, a record collection that our readers wanted to browse, and an attic they wanted to play in. The duplex had gorgeous hardwood floors, french doors that separated the living and dining rooms, and a nice patio set up. It just sold for $320,000.

We featured this shell of a house in Woodbridge back in April. It listed for $239,000 and needed all of the interior work done. Our readers said no, not worth it, and it sat on the market for a good part of the year. Someone finally saw the possibilities and decided to take it on. It just sold for $210,000.

This castle house in Boston Edison had everyone dreaming of that entryway, and no one could agree on whether they loved or hated the bathrooms. This is a house with so much going for it, but you also know that you’re constantly going to pour money into it. It’s a castle! Come on! It listed for $329,000 and just sold for $305,000.

And this Palmer Woods home had just incredible original details. The grounds are beautiful. The house is stately and elegant. We wish there had been better pictures, or any pictures of the kitchen, but the house didn’t last long on the market comparatively. It listed for $450,000 this fall and sold for exactly that much.