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Which fixer upper would you choose?

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This week, we noticed two very different homes that need work in two very different parts of Detroit. Let’s factor in location, the amount of work needed, curb appeal, and investment. Which one would you choose?

This first one is just south of Boston Edison on Taylor Street, a block or so off of Woodward. It has five bedrooms, two baths, and just over 2,000 square feet. The listing states it needs a complete rehab, and definitely looks like it needs some exterior work as well. We’re perplexed by the picture of the pink chair, and wonder if it means anything. It’s listing for $55,000.

This second home on East Grand Boulevard has started its rehab, but needs to be finished. It’s half of a duplex, and the rooms look fairly big. Advantage: Not as much cleaning and maybe fewer surprises? There’s also opportunity to turn the third floor into a live/work space. But the location is tricky. There are plenty of senior and group homes on this stretch of Grand, but there’s also plenty of homes that are blighted. It does put you pretty close to the Packard Plant, if you want to keep track of that. The price? $40,000.