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Curbed Cup Final Four: (5) The Villages vs. (9) Boston Edison

Which neighborhood should advance to the Finals?

(5) The Villages

We’re grouping West Village and Indian Village together since they’re a big happy family. This year saw a few big sales in Indian Village, a new Biergarten in West Village, a bank building that’s reactivated, a book about a big renovation in West Village, the closing of Parker Street Market, the reopening of West Village Manor, and the hope of more businesses and restaurants coming in soon. There are a few renovations along Kercheval, closer to Grand Boulevard, that are in progress along with the Garland Building, which will add more businesses to the neighborhood. The Coe will have new living options right in the heart of West Village next year.

From a Villager:

1.) Walkable of the few walkable neighborhoods in Detroit. Affordable residential + awesome commercial

2.) Indian Village was home to the titans of industry and has been preserved for over a century

3.) Indian Village Tennis Club - one of the oldest clay court tennis clubs in America

4.) Best pie shop and vegan reataurant in America: Sister Pie and Vegan Soul

5.) Belle Isle is the nation's largest state owned island park and it's tremendous

6.) Two Hatch Detroit contest winners within a six iron of each other

7.) Outdoor Biergarten in the summer/fall - only one in detroit

8.) Waldorf school is the top private primary education in Detroit

9.) Fisheye Farms offers true farm to table experience, and you can get your shirt pressed at Kimbrough's next door

10.) Red Hook Coffee

(9) Boston Edison

Fisher Mansion
The Fisher mansion in the Historic Boston Edison District
Michelle & Chris Gerard

We’ve seen many houses for sale in Boston Edison this year, including a lot that have been renovated on the west side of the Lodge. We’re even waiting to hear on a sale of Joe Louis’s former home, and we’re also waiting to see if anyone buys the famed Motown Mansion. We took you on a tour of the largest house in Boston Edison, the Charles T. Fisher Mansion. As far as historic neighborhoods go, Boston Edison is a favorite of many, and we’re happy to see more and more of these houses renovated and filling up with new families.

10 Reasons to vote Boston-Edison (compliments of the Historic Boston Edison Association Facebook page)

1) A community with 930 unique historic homes— one of THE largest historic residential districts in the United States!

2) The oldest continuous running neighborhood association in the state of Michigan—since 1921!

3) We have two beautiful Fisher Mansions in our midst!

4) Besides the Fishers, Henry Ford, Berry Gordy, Joe Louis, Walter Briggs, James Couzens, David Allen Grier and a whole host of famous cool people lived here:

5) We have our really popular Holiday Home Tour that sells out in a day or two!

6) We have a wonderful house concert series known as "The Sounds of Music"

7) We have a summer Attic Sale where you can come and get all kinds of cool stuff from our homes.

8) We have people moving from across the United States to be a part of our wonderful neighborhood.

9) We have some of the most passionate, diverse, new and long-time neighbors (some families have lived here for 60+ years) who are committed to seeing all of Detroit prosper!

10) We have YOU—our most ardent supporters—backing us all the way! And for that we are greatly appreciative!