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Quaint Boston Edison remodel asks $289K

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We’ve seen quite a few houses renovated at the west end of Boston Edison this year, which is great for the neighborhood in that more houses are filled with residents. Still, people will debate the quality of the renovations and what they might have done differently. This house that just listed on Longfellow between 14th and LaSalle has quite a few charming qualities to it. Would we have done some things differently? Sure, but it is move-in ready and definitely a good choice for someone in the market. And it has a few quirky details. It’s listing for $289,000.

It’s just over 2,600 square feet with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. One of the bathrooms even has a cool frosted mermaid shower door. The kitchen seems to have plenty of storage, even though we don’t love the flooring they chose. The staging of the house is odd too, unless you enjoy sitting alone by the fireplace. But the house definitely stands out and has some great curb appeal. The listing also says that the house has a new roof and some new plumbing and electrical. Take a look around and tell us what you think.