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Detroit’s 10 most beautiful homes of 2016

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As we say goodbye to 2016, we’re looking back at some of our top posts and personal favorites of the year. We’ve already seen the most expensive homes sold in the city, and the top posts on the site, but what were the homes that people just loved? We bring you ten of the most beautiful homes featured on Curbed Detroit this year.

We started off the year with the sale of a Boston Edison home that had some of the best woodwork we’ve seen. These renovations were absolutely gorgeous, and we can’t wait to see this group do more of them. The house listed for $325,000 in 2015 and sold for $310,000 in January.

We were lucky enough to get a hold of pictures of this Indian Village Tudor before it hit the market. Again, it had some impressive woodwork (can you tell our readers like it when they let the natural woodwork shine?) and it was restored to perfection. It also had an odd kitchen that our readers debated quite a bit. It listed for $663,000 and sold for $650,000. [Photos by Ami Morrison]

We also loved this West Village house for what it had and what it could be. It definitely needed work, but it had great doors, woodwork, and flooring (and a large eagle on the mantle). There’s a lot to be said for curb appeal. It listed for a mere $129,000 and sold later for $145,000 (If you’re the new owner and fixing it up, we’d love to see it!) Photos by Andy Schwartz.

This Southwest home also needed work, but it had so much vintage charm. The woodwork was impeccable, but provided a great starting point for renovations. It listed for $99,900 and sold for $111,000. [Photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

This Palmer Woods Dutch Colonial model home has the grandest of staircases, plus a greenhouse and a half acre of land. We appreciate a great roof like this one. It listed for $550,000 and sold for $500,000.

We called this Indian Village home perfect, and it’s hard to argue with that (unless you don’t like the tiling in the kitchen). The downstairs bathroom also has festive wallpaper, and the upstairs bathrooms had even more tiling. It’s a great house on a great street. It listed for $525,000 and sold for $536,000.

There was something quite special about this Boston Edison house, which listed in June for $289,000. The staircase, the cabinets, the built-ins, the certainly had us daydreaming. We were snapped out of that daydream when it sold for below asking price at $240,000. [Photos by Jim Tumey]

This Woodbridge Victorian did everything right. It had been restored just beautifully, with an impressive entryway, a big master suite with a walk-in closet, and balconies. It had been converted from a duplex to a single family home. It listed for $299,500 and sold for the asking price. [Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard]

This University District house was unusual on the outside, and we were not expecting the interior decor either. It had little coves, archways, and interesting details throughout. It listed for $354,000 and sold for $300,000. [Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard]

This last one listed at the end of November and is currently pending. It’s a fixer upper in Boston Edison that needs so much work, but we love to think of what it could be. Does it need a boatload of money to restore it? Sure. It’s listed for $200,000.

Did we miss your favorite? Possibly. Some of our other year-end pieces include a few of our favorite homes, like the Old Redford Stone House, the Charles T. Fisher Mansion, and this massive Albert Kahn house in Indian Village.