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Glynn Court remodel attempts bigger sale, asks $200K

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A couple years ago, we showed you a house on Glynn Court that had been bought through the tax auction and undergone a major renovation. Readers were pretty vocal about what they thought of the house and the location. It’s two years later and the house, which has been rented since, is back on the market. It was last up for sale for $169,900. Now, it’s listing again at $199,900.

It’s just over 1,800 square feet, with two bedrooms, an open third floor, and a basement. The kitchen is light, with white cabinets and butcher block counter tops. The house is on the same block as this house, which sold earlier this year for $201,100 after listing for $269,900 (renovated by the same designer). It’s also a property with options: it’s zoned R5 and could be used for Airbnb, a bed & breakfast, an income property, or a residence. The block overlooks some of the massive homes on Boston Boulevard and is right off of Woodward. Will we see more of the houses surrounding Boston Edison receive renovations? Will this house come close to its asking price?