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Joe Louis’s former home sells for $217K

A few months ago, we brought you a cool piece of Detroit history that hit the housing market. A Boston Edison house that had been abandoned for 5-7 years and bought through the tax auction was the former home of famed heavyweight champion Joe Louis. It was renovated by Josh Kushnereit and listed for $280,000. It just sold through Jim Tumey at the Loft Warehouse for $217,000.

What’s interesting about this sale? The new owners, a couple from San Francisco, found the house and Tumey through Instagram. Tumey says that many clients who don’t live in the city are using social media to find homes in the city.

The renovations include a new roof, paint, plumbing/electrical, refinished hardwood floors and a new kitchen and bathrooms. And the new owners can brag to their friends back in Cali that they own a piece of history from a Detroit legend. Here’s their new home.