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Sold! Updates from Indian Village, Lafayette Park, and more

Welcome back to another roundup of sold homes in Detroit. We’re catching up with a few of the houses we featured this year to see how they did on the market. Is there a house you’re keeping an eye on? Send us a note on the tip line or comment below and we’ll try to keep you updated.

We saw this really lovely Indian Village home (shown above) list this spring. We thought it was a knockout, so much so that we did a preview and then a full article when it listed. It looked like it had been maintained over the years and it was very tasteful in general. It had a big kitchen, beautiful bathrooms, and totally 80s basement. It stayed on the market for a while, and after originally listing for $565,000 in the spring, it recently sold for an even $500,000.

This summer, we featured a few houses that looked great over in East English Village, including this duplexx that was listed for $82,000. It received a good amount of votes from our readers. Unfortunately, we don’t have many pictures, but we do know it recently sold for $70,000.

This University District house came in at 4,500 square feet and had been owned by the same family for decades. Our readers suggested some updates and renovation ideas, and doubted it could snag the $319,900 asking price. They were correct. It recently sold for a respectable $282,500.

And don’t worry! We have another Mies sale to report. They’re flying of the shelves over in Lafayette Park, and we featured this one when it listed the same time another went on the market. This one had its original kitchen along with some energy updates. It listed for a modest $329,000 and sold for $331,500.