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Four Detroit neighborhoods receive $1.6M from city for revitalization efforts

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

We’ve discussed the plan for 20-minute neighborhood a few times since Mayor Mike Duggan announced the idea this spring. It comes down to investing on planning and design in a few targeted neighborhoods in the city in order to revitalize housing stock, renovate apartment buildings to increase density, make better use of green space, add bike lanes, and increase retail. Overall, these people in these neighborhoods would be able to walk or bike a short distance (20 minutes) in order to get what they need.

Initially, the three neighborhoods that would see this work first would be West Village, Southwest, and Live6/Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald has received a large grant for neighborhood investment since then. While these neighborhoods have all been mentioned in housing revitalization efforts, this new announcement includes additional neighborhoods that will start to see this kind of planning.

In 2017, additional neighborhood framework planning will begin in Jefferson Chalmers, Russell Woods/Nordin Park, and additional neighborhoods.

Last week, the city approved a $1.6 million investment into four neighborhoods. According to the city, this money will go towards:

  • Islandview/ Greater Villages: The Islandview/ Greater Villages RFP will invest $600,000 in a comprehensive neighborhood framework that includes improved approaches to landscape design, stormwater management and streetscaping. A portion of the funding will be dedicated to development of the Beltline Greenway, a non-motorized trailway along a former north-south railway that runs between Beaufait and Bellevue. The Beltline Greenway will complement existing efforts to connect the City’s greenway network. (Awarded to SmithGroup JJR, Christian Hurttienne Architects, with subcontractors HR& A, Quinn Evans, Copenhaganize and the Center for Community Progress).
  • The Northwest/ Grand River Corridor: This RFP will provide $380,000 in investments for the construction of an improved landscape/stormwater management system, new mobility/streetscape strategies and increased focus on economic and workforce development in these neighborhoods. (Awarded to Design Workshop, with sub-contractors Mannick & Smith, Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects, and Ventra).
  • Southwest Detroit/ West Vernor Corridor: The RFP will provide $380,000 to create a comprehensive neighborhood framework, and will include an implementation strategy for viaduct repairs, streetscape improvements, open space and green stormwater infrastructure enhancements, affordable- and market-rate housing rehabilitation opportunities, and truck route assessments. (Awarded to Goody Clancy, with sub-contractors LivingLAB LLC, Giffels Webster and Zimmerman/ Volk Associates, W-ZHA and Global Detroit).
  • Rosa Parks-Clairmount: The Rosa Parks-Clairmount study area will receive $275,000 to activate housing, re-imagine open land, and leverage economic development for the area. (Awarded to Gensler, with sub-contractors Hood Design Studio, Sam Schwartz Transportation and JFM Consulting).
Courtesy of the City of Detroit

The announcement states that community engagement is key and public meetings will be held in these areas to gather input as these projects take off. Work is expected to start in January 2017 and continue through the year.