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This festive Aviation Sub renovation is priced at $115K

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Just in time for the holidays is this decked out rehab in the Aviation Subdivision, right at the border of Detroit and Dearborn. We saw another house over here that we absolutely loved a few months ago and will hopefully hear of a closing soon (it’s been pending for a while).

This house is a bit smaller, at almost 1,400 square feet, with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The living room has a big fireplace, plus there’s a formal dining room. The kitchen doesn’t have much storage FYI, but there is room for a small table (not sure if the chicken is included). There’s a small porch that leads to a big backyard. The renovations include a new roof, refinished floors, some carpeting (hmmm), and fresh paint. Could this be a good starter home for someone? Check out the decorations on this one if you need some holiday inspiration. Here’s a look inside.