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Live the high life on the riverfront! These units at the once Parke Davis Pharmaceutical, now converted lofts, sell at a premium. In the past year, sale prices have ranged from $255,000 to $515,000, or $201-248 per square foot. This one is coming in at the higher end of that range. This loft is over 2,000 square feet, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and it’s listing for $579,000, or $279 per square foot.

HOA fees? A reasonable (comparably) $598 per month.

It’s located right along the river in a gorgeous building. The unit itself has 14-foot high ceilings, with big windows letting in a lot of light. We wonder how efficient the heating is in the building (it’s so cold right now! Does anyone know?). The living space has brick walls, wood beams, with a kitchen/island in the corner. Parking is in a garage, with an elevator that leads up to the unit. It’s located near Belle Isle and it’s a short drive along Jefferson downtown.