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Photos: A first look at The Scott at Brush Park

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Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

We’ve been following the progress of the construction of The Scott at Brush Park all year, starting with a walk through of the early progress in March, and again in September. Broder & Sachse had a firm December 1 opening deadline, and they stuck to it. New residents started moving into the luxury apartments last week, and Curbed recently toured the new digs in Brush Park.

A large apartment building on a city block in Detroit. The facade is tan and there are multiple windows. Michelle & Chris Gerard

We can say that the exterior is not what we expected from the renderings. But the interior, especially the second floor community space, delivers. Many of the finishing touches were still being done when we visited, especially around the pool outside. But we were able to get a good idea of what this all would look like.

From a 5th floor apartment

The second floor community space has a big fireplace in the middle, with quite a few different seating areas around. There’s also a kitchen and coffee area. The gym is located right next to that space, so you can watch your neighbors work out. There will be big TVs all around the space in the upcoming week.

The outside patio should be pretty nice, with a large grill (which will also have a big TV), a spa, a pool, and a green space which will include sculptures by a local artist. It’s a little too cold to enjoy them now, but you can imagine what they’ll look like in six months.

Other common spaces include a dog grooming station, a bike station, a reading room (The Stacks), and a conference room (The Table). Detroit artists’ work is displayed prominently throughout the building. The lobby will have a rotating exhibit throughout the year. Michelle Kirby from Broder & Sachse told us that about five residents per day have been moving in, and there are still units available. Here’s a closer look inside The Scott, including a one-bedroom apartment with views from the 5th floor.