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Here’s what the QLINE stations will look like

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Wait for your streetcar with the luxury of wi-fi

Courtesy of the M-1 Rail

As we patiently wait for the arrival of the first QLINE streetcar next year, now we know what we’ll be physically waiting in. The M-1 rail released a rendering, plus more details, on the fancy new stations along the line.

Each station will have a sponsor (listed below). The Kresge Foundation raised $50 million, securing sponsors and assisting in development of the stations. ROSSETTI, a Detroit-headquartered architecture firm, developed the concept and design for QLINE stations.

The 98-by-12 foot glass and concrete stations will recognize each sponsor with an individual custom Pewabic Pottery tile. Also included in the stations will be wi-fi, heat, security cameras, emergency phones, and screens to alert when the next streetcar will be arriving.

An app is also in development that will have updates and ways for people to find other transportation along the line (or beyond the line, since it’s pretty limited).

The stops and sponsors along the M-1 rail are:

  • Congress Street (Quicken Loans)
  • Campus Martius Park (Blue Cross Blue Shield)
  • Grand Circus Park (Chevrolet)
  • Foxtown (Ilitch Holdings)
  • Sibley Street (Ilitch Holdings)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (Detroit Medical Center)
  • Canfield Street (JPMorgan Chase & Co. northbound and Compuware southbound)
  • Warren Avenue (Wayne State University)
  • Ferry Street (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)
  • Amsterdam Street (Ford Motor Company)
  • AmtrakWest (Penske Corporation)
  • West Grand Boulevard (Henry Ford Health System)

The QLINE/M-1 rail will open for passengers in the spring.