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Nicole Curtis-designed rehab in Ferndale lists for $215K

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A few months ago, we told you that Nicole Curtis had been working on a rehab project in Ferndale and was hosting an Open House. We’ve waited patiently for the house to list and yes, it’s a beauty.

She bought the house at auction and has been working on it as a special project. It’s a 1,350-square-foot house built in 1928, with three bedrooms and two baths. And if you’re a fan of historic restorations, you’ll like this house. There’s a sweet fireplace in the living room, glass doorknobs, a beautiful wood staircase, and a warm dining room. The kitchen is completely updated with new appliances and has room to sit at a breakfast bar. Outside, there’s a big backyard, garage, and its own custom dog house. Out front, there’s an inviting front porch.

The price is a reasonable $215,000. Here’s a look at this sweet bungalow.

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