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Multi-Family House, Potential Office Space in Woodbridge for $225K

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This 3,838-square-foot house, built in 1910, has an awful lot of options in how to use it. Two families could live here, with separate living spaces upstairs and downstairs (plus a finished attic). Someone could live on the second floor and use the first floor for offices, a business, or an art gallery. It's zoned for SD2 commercial/mixed use, so a creative entrepreneur could get into a great location for a pretty great price.

The listing is upfront and says it needs repairs (added points for honesty), including a picture of some ceiling work that needs to be addressed. The kitchen cupboards and doors could use some cleaning up as well.

The exterior is lovely, with red trim and a big front porch and second floor balcony. Both floors have three bedrooms and one bathroom, with similar kitchens. The bathrooms look fairly small for the size of the house. The living, dining, and front rooms are a good size and have nice hardwood floors throughout. The attic has recently been redone has an additional master bedroom, office space, and laundry.

The location puts you close to Midtown, New Center, and Wayne State. If you're an investor who wants to work and live in the same space and has some money for repairs, this could be a great opportunity.

5029 Trumbull Street