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New Red Wings Arena Name Revealed Soon

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Crain's reports the new Red Wings Arena will be named within one to two months. Chris Ilitch, the President and CEO of Ilitch Holdings, says that there was a lot of interest in naming the arena and the rollout process is underway.

The arena, referred to as the Detroit Events Center right now, is slated to open in time for the start of the 2017 hockey season.

According to Crain's, "Total investment in the Woodward Square area — one of five neighborhoods in the area Olympia intends to rehabilitate as part of its broader The District Detroit plan — is now $1.2 billion, of which 75 percent is (or will be) private spending, according to Olympia executives." The Ilitch family has also spent a lot of money in this baseball off season, picking up two big free agents and going well over the luxury tax for the Tigers for this year.

With those considerations, we wouldn't be surprised if the new arena had a different corporate sponsor to pick up part of the bill. What do you think it will be called?