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Restoration Update: J.D. Baer House Switches to Mixed-Use Retail/Residential

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We have an update on an impressive restoration underway that we featured last summer. The J.D. Baer House in Woodbridge, built in 1888, sat empty for nearly 50 years and was bought by developer Alex Pereira, who was going to turn it into his family house. But with a one-year-old and a dog, the family bought another house in the neighborhood. With work that started in November (due to finishing a different house), Pereira and his group Secure Realty (who own the neighboring Lorax House) are turning the J.D. Baer House into residential and retail units.

Structural repairs have now been completed on the house, which had considerable water damage. The building has been framed for five units, with masonry in the interior nearing completion, Electric, plumbing, and HVAC are in the process of going in. Windows have been restored and spray foam insulation is partly installed. Much of the exterior brick work has been done as well as removing what was left of the collapsing wrap around porch in preparation for spring exterior construction.

The group is actively fielding proposals for retail in the 1,500-square-foot garden unit. The house will also have five residential units (one two bedroom, three one bedroom and a large studio). The group is looking at a completion date of August/September.