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Boston Edison Restoration Needs Works, Asks $130K

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This 2,905-square-foot Boston Edison house is perfect for the buyer who's looking to do some restoration. It's had some major exterior work done already, including a new roof and brickwork to both the house and garage. The front porch has also been redone. But there's a whole list of projects on the inside to bring it back to its original beauty.

This 1927 three-story house features beautiful original detail, including plaster crown molding, leaded glass windows, Pewabic tile, and a lovely wrought iron railing on the staircase. The living room has a gorgeous fireplace framed by two dark wood French doors with leaded glass and balconies. This detail could really stand out if the right person gets their hands on it.

If we're looking at cosmetic fixes, the floors all need to be refinished and the walls could use some love. Both the kitchen and bathrooms need to be completely gutted and redone. Considering what goes into these houses, I'm sure the buyer will find many more projects once they get in there.

The house sold last year for $45,000. The exterior improvements help, but $130,000 might be a lot for a house that still needs substantial work.

2080 Edison Street