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Cobo Center Plans Outdoor Space as Final Touch to Renovation

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Cobo Center announced the final plan to their multi-year, $279 million renovation. Cobo Square will reuse parts of the old Cobo Arena, with 45,000 square feet of outdoor space and a large terrace. The Square plans to have biergartens, outdoor fitness events, art fairs and movie viewings. This last piece of renovation will work toward connecting Cobo Center to other parts of downtown and the community.

According to Cobo Center, the multiple renovations have more than doubled the use of the Center, which hosted 35 events in 2010 and 85 in 2015.

John Gallagher reports that the space is part of a larger, nationwide effort to incorporate more outdoor space into convention centers. It's also part of a city plan to, "enliven downtown streets with more activity."

What kind of events would you like to see in Cobo Square?

New outdoor Cobo plaza may host biergartens, movies
The much anticipated Cobo Square to debut this spring

Cobo Center

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