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Which Boat-Adjacent Detroit Property Is Right for You?

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While those of us in Detroit figure out how to stay warm in this freezing cold this week, the Cobo Center has us dreaming of warmer days with the Detroit Boat Show. If you want to spend your summers close to the water and your winters staring across the river to Canada, here are a few options in Detroit, from condos to McMansions. They may not be the most architecturally interesting places in the city, but sometimes you have to give up one thing to be in the right location—or just near your boat.

↑ Heading east down Jefferson, you'll find a $545,000 loft on the top floor at River Place. This 2,110-square-foot industrial loft puts your right next to the Riverwalk and comes with your own rooftop deck for summer parties. This loft has a lot of exposed brick, darker finishes in the kitchen and bathroom, and 14-foot ceilings.

These might not be the newest, flashiest condos on the scene but Riverfront Towers does have a pretty great location. From here, you can hop on the People Mover or step right out onto the Riverwalk. You're right next to the Joe, which is good for this season and next. The current listing is on the 21st floor, giving you great views of Canada and the Detroit skyline. The decor is dated, but for $150,000, this one bedroom, one bath gets you close to everything.

↑ This first floor loft is located pretty much across the street from Belle Isle. At $145,000, you'll get a smaller space at 1,040 square feet, and not as much light coming into the unit. The one bedroom looks to have a decent amount of space, organization in the closet, and multiple shower heads in the updated shower. This is a good choice if you want to be close to the water, but you don't need the views.

↑ This 2,500-square-foot, three bedroom condo in Detroit Towers has the nicest kitchen we've seen in a while. It includes a huge oven, wine refrigerator, and breakfast nook. It also has french doors connecting rooms, built-in shelves, and a fireplace. It's going for $249,000, but its HOA fees are a steep $1,400 per month.

↑ If you want to live in a waterfront subdivision and you love a good McMansion, this 5,000-square-foot, four bedroom house is yours for $529,900. Built in 2007, this has all the granite countertops, jetted tubs, and standard finishes you might want. Hard to believe these exist in such an architecturally-rich city, but it works if you want to be close to your boat.