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Rehabbed Bungalow in Grandmont Rosedale Lists for $70K

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This 100-year-old, two-bedroom, one-bath house in Minock Park has recently been rehabbed by the Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation. Listing at $70K, it's a bargain for the right owner. The downstairs features refinished wood floors and lovely wood columns, trim, and detail throughout. The old radiators add a touch of historic charm. The living room features a cozy fireplace. The upstairs has built-in storage space and a laundry chute (just like my grandma had). The kitchen and bathroom have been updated with new tiling and cabinets. The front porch is big enough for a few chairs or a swing, and the lawn has just enough room for a little landscaping.

At 1,299 square feet, it's just big enough for an individual or a small family looking to invest in a great family neighborhood.

15708 Minock Street