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Detroit City FC Raises $741,250 for Stadium Improvements

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A few weeks ago, we reported that the Detroit City FC soccer team reached the $400,000 fundraising goal that allowed them to make improvements to Keyworth Stadium in Hamtramck. By their fundraising deadline on February 15, they raised a total of $741,250 through community investment.

The campaign began on October 29 had a goal of raising between $400,000 and $750,000 in order to fund the improvements. Investment tiers ranged from $250 to $50,000.

The money will be spent on renovating the 80-year-old stadium, including structural improvements to the grandstands, and mending of bleachers, locker rooms, restrooms and lighting.

Detroit City FC has been playing at Cass Tech for the past few years, but their popularity has grown so much that they've had to find a bigger home. They're working with Hamtramck Public Schools, which owns Keyworth Stadium, in making these improvements.

Detroit City FC also partnered with Sidewalk Ventures, LLC and MichiganFunders to raise money for this project.

In a statement, Detroit City FC co-owner Sean Mann said, "Detroit City FC was created around the principle: for soccer to succeed in Detroit in the long-term, it needs to be done right with a grassroots focus on supporters and the community. From the everyday supporters to household personalities, from start-up businesses to some of the region's largest corporations, each of their investments in the Keyworth campaign has been a resounding endorsement of this approach to finding a home for soccer in Detroit."

The 2016 home opener will be May 20 at Keyworth Stadium.