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Arena Holdout House Ups Price to $4 Million

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The Arena holdout house has raised its asking price to $4 million, up from $3.5 million this summer. The 1880 Victorian located at 2712 Cass Avenue has steadily gone up in price as construction of the $626-million arena project moves along.

Currently the most expensive listing in Detroit, it screams (literally, in all caps), about how valuable the location will be. "Could make a great BED AND BREAKFAST, NIGHT CLUB, RESTAURANT, HIGH RISE HOTEL, OR PARKING STRUCTURE." It even attempts to list its features, which is hilarious considering there's no way it stays intact. "CURRENTLY A 15 ROOM HISTORIC HOUSE! 4 fireplaces, two living rooms, two full kitchens, 4 full bathrooms and a lav. Sold as-is. MAKE AN OFFER! "

The house sold for $25,000 in 2002.

2712 Cass Avenue