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Woodward Ave. Limestone Box Drops $350K, Adds Adjacent Lot

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A property we featured last spring that had an original asking price of $650,000 has now dropped to $299,500 and added the adjoining lot. This 6,000-square-foot former chop suey restaurant needs a whole lot of work, but it could really be used for anything. If you've got the vision, this could house retail, office spaces, a restaurant ... really anything. The property also includes a roof deck with decent views.

Located a few blocks north of Boston Edison, the location could be the toughest sell. The new M-1 rail won't go that far north, and the nearest businesses in walking distance are a fast food place and a CVS. The listing still boasts its location between New Center and the upcoming Galapagos Art Space, but it's a bit of a stretch between both.

11341 Woodward Avenue