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Goodbye Greektown Casino, Hello Jack Detroit Casino-Hotel Greektown

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Jack Entertainment bring continuity to Gilbert's casinos in Michigan and Ohio

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Rock Gaming LLC, which is owned by Dan Gilbert's Rock Venture's LLC, announced Tuesday that Greektown Casino-Hotel will change its name to Jack Detroit Casino-Hotel Greektown. This is part of an overall rebranding effort through Ohio and Michigan under the umbrella Jack Entertainment LLC.

As reported by Crain's, "The company said its name represents 'an attitude and a way of thinking; like that rare friend who encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone, forget your fears, have fun and live in the moment, for the moment.'"

The Free Press reports that the new name will bring, "significant changes in signage, marketing, employee uniforms, design of playing chips, casino decor and more."

The name change will come at the beginning of the fourth quarter this year.

Greektown Casino & Hotel

555 E Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226