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Third Write A House Renovation Underway

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The program renovates homes while building a stronger Detroit literary community

Michelle & Chris Gerard

The third house purchased for Write A House, a Detroit program designed to attract new writers while investing in and stabilizing neighborhoods, has started renovations. The program has moved two writers, Casey Rocheteau and Liana Aghajanian, into homes in the neighborhood.

The house was purchased from the Detroit Land Bank. The pictures below (from the Detroit Land Bank) show what it looked like when they bought it.

The 900-square-foot bungalow will be renovated by Zac Cruse Construction Company and designed by Patrick Thompson Design. The timeline for completion of the house is late spring. The pictures below (from Michelle & Chris Gerard) show the first stages of renovation.

Applications for the third house will be announced in the spring.

Full disclosure, Co-founder and Director of Write A House Sarah Cox is the Founder of Curbed Detroit.

Write A House