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Riverside Park Upgrades to Begin in April

Picnic and basketball area this summer, baseball and soccer fields next year

Michelle & Chris Gerard

In the ongoing saga of the future bridge to Canada and the land around it, at least we're seeing a bit of good news. According to the Free Press, the city will break ground in the first round of upgrades to Riverside Park this April.

The park, closed since 2012, was part of a deal with Manuel "Matty" Moroun last summer that gave the city $5 million to rehabilitate Riverside Park. Moroun in return was given three acres of land near his future bridge. $3 million is available right now for improvements. The other $2 million will be available after state and federal approvals to convert Maroun's three acres for non-recreational use.

Riverside Park's new improvements this summer will include a picnic area, bathrooms, basketball court, and parking lot. In the future, the city plans to add baseball and soccer fields.

Photo from Smith Group JJR/Free Press

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