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Indian Village House Drops Price, Asks $235K

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Four bedrooms, 3,000 square feet in historic neighborhood

We don't see too many Indian Village homes under $250,000, so the price drop in this 3,000-square-foot house might finally lead to a deal. It first listed at $275,000 last summer and after some pending offers, the price has now gone down to $235,000.

From the pictures, it's a nice house with unusual details. It has four bedrooms, two and a half baths, a sun room, study, and room on the third floor for an office or bedroom. There's great dark wood trim throughout the downstairs. There's also leaded glass on the interior downstairs doors. In the kitchen, there's a beautiful wood cabinet built in by the back door (note from a reader: an old refrigerator!). But it's the spiral staircase in the master bedroom that stands out from everything else. Apparently, it leads to a dressing room. There looks to be an additional closet (or two) in that master bedroom, but that staircase is quite the commitment.

3524 Burns Street