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Yes, Move to Detroit, Women in Tech

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Study says Detroit is one of the best cities for women in the tech industry

Michelle & Chris Gerard

We see a lot of articles telling readers why people should or shouldn't move to Detroit, but this one made us proud. Last week, SmartAsset, a financial technology company, released a study that said that Detroit is one of the best cities in the country for women in tech. Inc. went a step further by saying that women in tech should move to Detroit.

SmartAsset used Census Data in four fields - women's percentage of work force, pay gap, income after housing, and three-year tech employment growth. Detroit came in third after Washington, DC and Kansas City. Detroit was cited especially for its gender pay gap. In general, women make 75% of what men make in tech. In Detroit, women make 122.8% compared to men's pay. Women also make up 44.5% of the tech workforce, the best in the country.

Detroit would have led overall, except the overall pay is behind other cities. Considering Detroit's housing costs are also low compared to other major cities, this makes sense for the time being.

SmartAsset cites Quicken Loans as the biggest tech employer in the city. We think TechTown also deserves a mention in the conversation, with its innovative work in fostering talent and supporting new businesses and entrepreneurs.