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Brooklyn Outdoor Blends Business and Community in Eastern Market Loft

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All photos Michelle and Chris Gerard

Four stories above Eastern Market, on the corner of Russell and Winder, sits a light, open loft big enough for a good party, but cozy enough for an office.

Brooklyn Outdoor, a Detroit-based outdoor advertising company that also serves LA, New York, and Chicago, has its home office here in Eastern Market. With room for a kitchen, a sitting area, two bathrooms, and a large dining table (and room for another!), this space serves as both an office for their business and a meeting place for the community.

Candice Simons, a Northville native, moved back to the metro area two years ago to open up her own Brooklyn Outdoor office. She figured she was moving back for family and not much else. But when she began exploring Detroit, she found that there was so much more here than she thought. She started documenting her experiences in a blog called J'adore Detroit, where she lists art, culture, music, design, restaurants...anything people would want to see and do in the city.

Through Brooklyn Outdoor and J'adore Detroit, she's started using her connections and space to help non-profits. She regularly brings people together to meet in the loft, hosting events, dinners, or meetings. She's worked extensively with Slow Roll and the American Heart Association to organize the Red Ride in April.

The space features murals painted by local artists Ouizi, Michelle Tanguay, and Kobe Solomon. The wallpaper inside the bathroom and on the wall outside is by the Detroit Wallpaper Company (the Detroit-themed wallpaper can be customized with different colors). The dining table was made by Tao of Restoration and Butter Bean Antiques. It sits on castors so they can easily move it around for specific events.

Brooklyn Outdoor
J'adore Detroit
Detroit Wallpaper Co.
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