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1,250-Square-Foot Loft in Midtown Asks $365K

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We've seen quite a few properties for sale in Midtown lately, with prices ranging from $250,000 to well over $500,000. This 1,250-square-foot airy loft in the Stuberstone Building is one of the nicer ones and fits a lot of unique spaces under its high ceilings. From what we hear, its $365,000 asking price is attracting a lot of interest. The bedroom sits above the kitchen and overlooks the living and dining space. It also features a big walk-in closet. A mezzanine area next to the windows holds enough space for an office or small guest room. Below sits a "zen" area with big windows and bookshelves. It has a quaint balcony with room for a table and chairs.

Located on Cass between Canfield and Willis, you're right around the corner from Jolly Pumpkin, Shinola, and Avalon and only a block away from the M-1 rail on Woodward. You could get around without a car here, which is saying something in Detroit. But just in case you do prefer to drive, you have two dedicated parking spots in a garage.

Listing Agent: Nika Jusufi, Max Broock Realtors, 734.716.5502
All photos by Sal Rodriguez
4221 Cass Avenue