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Price Drop! Boston Cooler Starts Slow Fall to Reality, Drops Price by $20K

Attention Rehab Addicts!!!

Last week, we featured a Boston Edison house that experienced an unfortunate ice waterfall last winter. Its asking price of $125,000 seemed a bit high, even though it is a lovely, big house in a historic neighborhood. The amount of work needed from obvious neglect will cost an awful lot for the new owner. Now the price has come down to $104,999.

Somewhere between 3,500 and 5,000 square feet (the listing can't make up its mind), this house does have new plumbing (bonus!). MLive featured pictures taken recently. Are we going to find a Rehab Addict to take on this project? Think of the framed before picture you could showcase for visitors? Just how far will the price have to go to make that happen?