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New Aerial View of the Red Wings Arena

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New arena will open for the 2017 Red Wings season

We're always looking to see progress on the new hockey arena and district. Fox Sports Detroit posted an aerial view late last week and the mild weather is helping it move right along.

Check out the progress of @districtdetroit #Detroit #RedWings #districtdetroit

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An arena representative tells us that construction is on schedule and that the team recently began building the foundations for the building along Woodward north of Henry and along Henry west of Woodward.

We're also waiting for the name of the new arena, which should come in the next month.

We've noticed some prime real estate in that area that we'll feature later this week. Condos are running $250,000+ now and could soon be increasing as the District gets closer to its 2017 Red Wings season opener. And as always, there's the arena holdout house that's listed for a cool $4 million.