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Pair of West Village Rental Properties Lists as Package Deal

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Two properties, seven units, $1,420,000 total

Two listings at the corner of Van Dyke and St. Paul are looking to be sold as a package deal. They share a parking area behind the buildings and are listing for $240,000 and $1,180,000, respectively. No interior pictures yet, but we'll post them if we get them.

The smaller one at 1712 Van Dyke is a 2,302-square-foot, two-family home. There's a decent amount of exterior work that needs to be done here.

The larger property at 1710 Van Dyke Street is a five unit row building with 4,281 square feet. All units have fireplaces, multiple bathrooms, four+ bedrooms, formal dining rooms, and full basements.

This is a prime location in the city. West Village is close to Belle Isle and is home to Red Hook, Craft Work, Detroit Vegan Soul, Sister Pie, and Parker Street Market (with more food and drink options to open soon).