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Sherwood Forest Estate with Basketball Court and Enclosed Pool Lists for $540K

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This house sits on a half acre and has lots of entertaining bonuses

Sherwood Forest Lauren Rivers

The largest estate in Sherwood Forest, at 6,800 square feet on a half acre, comes with more than your average house. This four bedroom, three and a half bath house also has a koi pond, game room, library, basketball court, and enclosed pool. It's listing for $540,000.

This house also has a lot of unique details, including a winding staircase with an intricate metal railing, a big stone fireplace in the library, a bar setup, custom built-ins, and a nice stone patio. All of the bedrooms are fairly big and unfortunately the only one in the pictures has bright pink paint. The house sits on a tree-filled lot and has an attached two-car garage. It's listed through Rivers Realty at