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Escape the Room in Downtown Detroit

Team-building and family activity opens on Randolph

Being locked in a room with your friends or family might not always sound like a great time, but it can be if you make a game out of it.

New York City-based Escape the Room has quickly opened in the retail space in Brush Garage (owned by Bedrock) on Randolph. The company has ten locations all over the country. This is the first in Michigan.

Here's the fun: for $28 per person, you and up to ten of your friends are locked in a room for up to an hour. You're given a series of clues and riddles in order to find the keys.

"Escape the Room is another destination attraction that adds a fun new twist to the many unique entertainment, dining and retail experiences now available in downtown Detroit," said Dan Mullen, executive vice president of Bedrock Real Estate Services, in a release. "As an increasing number of high-tech companies and businesses locate in the Central Business District, and people of all ages visit the city in droves, the demand for group outings and family friendly activities is at an all-time high."

This follows the announcement earlier this week that Vault of Midnight, an Ann Arbor-based comic book and gaming store, will be opening this spring in the Z garage, another Bedrock property.

In a city where we see a new bar or restaurant opening every week, it's nice to see a few more options for activities and retail.