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James Scott Mansion Sees Activity; Long-Awaited Renovation Starts

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The 139-year-old building will house 27 apartments and small retail by the end of 2017

James Scott Mansion Michelle & Chris Gerard

[Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard]

Look who's waking up from a 40 year nap.

MLive reported on Friday that crews were outside the James Scott Mansion on the corner of Park and Peterboro. We last reported on the progress of this ruin two years ago, when Cass Corridor developer Joel Landy reported he'd renovate the decaying mansion into condos.

Landy has been working to save the mansion, built in 1877, for years. According to an updated report on MLive, "Landy had everything in line "when the world fell apart" in 2008, he said. Now, he's found new people to help fund the million-dollar historic restoration. Once finished in late 2017 the building will house 27 apartments and a small retail space."

MLive also reports that Landy will be trying to restore it to its original detail, no exposed brick or lofted ceilings. He also says he expects rent to run from $650-800 a month, which is great for that location.